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I had always loved coming up with ideas and solutions, but just never knew how to act on them. After being introduced to the right people and earning their mentorship I now had a way to pursue my WHY. I think I defined my WHY best in my SBU lacrosse bio under goal in life, I wrote “to be a good family guy.” That is WHY I was attracted to my mentors. They had the family, spiritual, and financial lives that I wanted. They were truly successful in my eyes and my measure of success was not just based on how much money you make, but rather on how many people are better off because you lived.

Dennis Nafte
Dennis Nafte testimonials

Hello Dennis, Thank you for sharing with us this weekend and the team got a lot out of it. It was one of the best we have been to.

Brian & Lena

Dennis Nafte testimonials

Just wanted to throw out my most sincere thanks to you and Danielle for coming down to Adelaide and Melbourne you guys were fantastic speakers and really helped to motivate me to move forward in the business, I really hope to catch up with you in the future!

Steve Gembarovski

Dennis Nafte testimonials

Dennis and Daniele Nafte have been partners with New York City Relief for the past 7 years. They have faithfully supported the efforts of NYCR to bring life transformation to the homeless. Dennis and Danielle have personally come out to serve the hungry and encourage those in need on our mobile homeless resource centers and soup kitchens known as The Relief Buses. We are privileged to work together with them as business owners and leaders in the community to bring hope and help to our friends in need on the streets.

Juan Galloway President