Will You Be Able to Retire?

Jun 15, 2016

After watching this video clip on retirement I became flooded with emotions.

FIRST I felt so thankful that 13 years ago I was lucky enough to have connected to a group of entrepreneurs that took me under their wing and began to mentor me. They taught me the fundamentals of creating wealth at a young age so I could choose to retire early before it would be to late. The taught me the difference between working for a wage and working to build an asset. I learned "dig your well before your thirsty" and "If your not building your own assets then your most likely building someone else's"

SECOND I felt Scared for so many people that are blind to what's going on or to stubborn to see it. They aren't weighing the outcomes or evaluating the results of their decisions. If the median household income is estimated around $52,000 a year and you work from the age of 21 to 72, you will make $2,652,000. This video implies that if your born in the 80's you'll need at least $2,000,000 saved to retire, and if your born in the 90's $2,500,000 to retire. That means the average median household of someone born in the 90's would have to live 51 years on $152,000 while saving the rest to have $2,500,000 saved. Leaving them with approximately 3,000 a year to live on. This is very scary because they didn't mention anything about inflation, taxes, or the increasing costs of living. On top of that throw in the the college debt most people will be paying as well.

THIRD I felt frustrated that the majority of our educational systems aren't preparing us properly for the real world. I remember coming out of school with my masters degree in education and thinking where did education get educated. I felt as though I didn't learn some of the basic skills of life. How to buy a car. How does compound interest work. How to buy a house. How to budget myself. How to invest. Most importantly how to start taking the actions that can lead to the life I want. So many people are buying into a system that won't get them the results their looking for. Especially when they have access to everything they need to pursue their talents and abilities. "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." Jim Rohn.
Don't become mentally lazy. The solutions are all around you. The information you need is accessible at a click of your finger.

FOURTH I felt baffled that more people aren't taking action. They are continuing to go down a path that they already know won't get them where they want to go. The results are out!!! After reading Tony Robbins new book "Money Master the Game" I couldn't believe that "the number 1 fear of baby boomers today is that they will outlive their savings. Number 2 is death. 1 out of 3 baby boomers have less then $1200 in savings. 48% of all working Americans haven't calculated what they need to retire. According to an Ernst and Young study, 75% of Americans can expect to see their assets disappear before they die. According to an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll 76% of Americans-an all-time high record- think that their children's lives will be worse of then their own." Then why are they blindly pushing them down the same path? Is it fear, ignorance, or pride. Whatever it may be, Don't let fear stand in the way. Don't let your critics keep you down. Don't let what others think stop you. Start to think outside the box. Take the time to get educated because knowledge breeds confidence, and LET'S FIGHT BACK. Being wealthy isn't only for a few select people. There are an abundance of opportunities all around us. Let's level the playing field and start bringing those ideas you have to life. Start cultivating your gifts, and don't be afraid to fail. You learn more when you lose then when you win. Failure is part of the path to success. Find a mentor so that they can help elevate your level of thinking and then pay it forward. Share a piece of your life. Share your experiences. Share what you have learned because I believe true success is not measured by a dollar amount, it is measured by how many lives are better off because you lived. Wealth isn't only defined by money but also defined by deep relationships, spirituality, experiences, and health. “Achieving wealth and greatness can be distilled down to helping others. Find a way to serve many people. Simply stated, this is what leads to great wealth, great power and great influence.” Jim Rohn.
So if you need help finding a mentor in any of those areas then message me privately and let's work together to get you connected to the right people.

FIFTH I am inspired because we live in a time when we are more connected then ever before. We have more resources available to us then ever before. I believe we have more people who care about the future of this planet then ever before. Together we will solve the problems we face. Our environment, disease, hunger, poverty, economics, etc. and ultimately unconditional LOVE for our fellow man.

Please forgive me for any spelling, grammatical, and mathematical mistakes. I cannot blame our educational system for those and do take full responsibility for them. I most likely slept through many of those classes. Also, if you were one of those students that stayed awake and paid attention during those classes feel free to edit my mistakes so I can fix them. I would appreciate it tremendously.