Dennis Nafte D and D Global

D&D Global is a leader in business development and represents major fortune 500 companies. They have been acclaimed for leading the way in developing infrastructures for helping companies transition to E-commerce. They provide companies with the solutions they need to cut expenses, increase profits, and create long term repeat business.

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Dennis Nafte Origin

Dennis Nafte founded Origin with the goal of creating a social organization that is dedicated to mentoring entrepreneurs. Today, Origin is comprised of a diverse group of entrepreneurs that are dedicated to mentoring others that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs themselves and to ending financial illiteracy.

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Dennis Nafte Success Story Sunday

Our aim with SuccessStorySunday is to inspire, motivate, and ultimately empower people to pursue their passions in life. In a world where there is so much negative we want to provide a place where you can connect with people who have chosen to focus on the positive. “in every adversity lies a seed of equal or greater benefit”

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